New Patient Information | Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic

New Patient First Visit Information

When time allows, the clinic will send new patients a packet of information prior to your appointment. Please arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment.

Your allergy/asthma evaluation will begin with a thorough discussion and recording of your medical history. This is a very important part of the evaluation, so please be prepared to discuss past illnesses and/or surgeries as well as medications you take regularly (prescription and over-the-counter), including strength and dosing schedule. Pertinent historical details of your current illness will also be discussed.

Next, the doctor will perform a physical examination with special attention to the head, neck and chest. Laboratory tests such as blood tests, x-rays, pulmonary function tests, allergy tests will be conducted as indicated.

If skin tests are indicated, one of our specially trained nurses will apply the test in 1 of 2 ways.  The nurse will either prick the skin using a small prick/puncture device or inject a small amount of test material just under the first layer of skin. Each positive skin test (a reaction similar to a mosquito bite) indicates a specific allergy. After all the results are compiled and studied, your allergist will summarize them for you and explain the diagnosis. A proposed treatment and management plan will also be discussed at that time. A written copy of the treatment and management plan prescribed will be provided following your visit (or in some cases mailed to you).

If your appointment is at 7:45am or 8:00am please arrive at 7:45am. All other patients please arrive at the clinic at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete appropriate paperwork.

For the health of our patients and employees, smoking is prohibited on clinic premises.

Many of the clinic’s patients are extremely sensitive to odors. Out of consideration for these patients, please do not wear perfumes, colognes or scented lotions on the day of your visit to the clinic.

Out of courtesy for our patients who have food allergies, do not bring food on the day of your visit unless specifically instructed by OAAC medical staff.

Free patient parking is available at all four clinic locations. At the main office, the entrance gate will raise upon entrance. Upon leaving, you must retrieve an exit token from the reception desk. The exit gate will not open without an exit token.

OAAC accepts insurance, Credit Care, and Cash Pay.